Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Return from the Dead and Hibernation in Athens

It seems that circumstances outside of myself on which I'll not elaborate upon for the time being have caused me to update this ol' thing a few more instances for the time being.  I'm regret that I just didn't keep up with this blog for such a long time, but at the time it seemed the correct thing to do...for personal reasons (also which I don't really feel the need to elaborate upon at this time.

So enough of the feeling sorry for myself.. here are some goodies that you may have been waiting for, and which I said I would post years ago (but never did).  Sorry for all of that.  Especially sorry to Michalis at 15 counts of arson.   I'll try to do better in the future...

So, a few years back I went to visit Greece (my family's "motherland") to stay with cousins and hang out with some friends.  Michali, my bud from 15 Counts of Arson Blog  was nice enough to contact me and take me to a gig in Central Athens... where.. get this. HIBERNATION was playing.  I knew that this was a rare treat ( I know Hibernation only plays every few months, or at least at that time this was true) and I knew if I didn't see them it might be a long time before I got the chance again.

The gig was at the Athens Economics and Business University, which my cousin described to me as "in a dangerous area" before dropping me off.  I guess this area is part of the Exarchia district, though I am not sure if it qualifies exactly.  It's one of the oldest parts of Modern Athens and is home to working Greek families, migrants, as well as to Greece's anarchists.   The university is host to political activities that wouldn't be tolerated here in Korea, so after being in Seoul so long, it was a bit of culture shock to be in the environment.  Off the top of my head, I don't know the history of the university, but it's near the infamous Polytechnic University where Greek students helped to bring down the junta in 1974.

Anyways, if you don't already know, Hibernation are long-time veterans of the Greek scene who play a   metallic brand of crust with pounding drums and a complex rhythm component.  It was so long ago that I am   having difficulty remember details of the set, but I do know it was tight and impressive.  Like classics such as Nausea, they don't mind throwing in a slower, darker component to their songs, which the strong  rhythm section helps a lot.   These guys, a long with Antimob are one of the reasons that Greek hardcore is getting noticed again (after what I dare say was a somewhat unfair overlooking for quite a few years).  I hear various'record nerds' talking about  trying to score 1st pressing Ex-humans LP's nowadays..

Here is some quick footage I took of a few minutes of their set. I have more, which I'll post later to keep you coming back.  Sorry for YouTube, But I still can't force myself to fork out 60 bucks for a Vimeo 

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